Friday, 4 October 2013

My Neobux Strategy

One of the easiest ways to make money on the internet without investing any of your own money is with Paid To Click (PTC) websites.  For those who don't know, a PTC is a website which pays you to view and click on adverts.  There are many PTCs around, but only a small number of reputable ones.  Possibly the PTC with the best reputation is Neobux, which has been paying out since 2007.

No, I'm not rich yet, but I'm on my way.  You can make a good amount of money with Neobux but it won't happen overnight.  You need a good plan and the self discipline to stick with it.  But if you're willing to commit approximately half an hour a day, every day, for months, you will make a good profit.  There will come a point where you have to decide whether you prefer to cash out a few hundred dollars a month, or hold out a bit longer and cash out a few thousand.  But you'll have time to think about that.  The hardest part is getting started.

The following is that plan that I'm working to.  Like other PTCs, Neobux allows you to invest money in it so you can earn faster - but I prefer to go for the "bootstrap" approach and generally only invest my earnings - it may be a bit slower, but it means I'll never be risking my own money - and all investments carry some risk.  I consider this one of the safer investments that are available to people on a low income, but I prefer to invest a bit of time and work, and other people's money.  My aim is to cash out in September or October 2015, after compounding my profits for a couple of years.

Getting Started

First you have to register with Neobux.  This is very simple and straightforward, the video below shows you how:

With the registration done, your main activity on Neobux for the first couple of weeks or so is to click on the adverts - preferably all of them.  This is when you realise what a slow process it is initially, as you'll only make a couple of cents a day clicking ads.  It's during this early period when a lot of people get bored and give up - but if you've got the gumption to keep going day after day, and follow the plan, you'll see your earnings start to accelerate, I promise you.

One thing I advise early on, if you've got the time, is to take advantage of the other earning opportunities that exist on Neobux.  First of all there are the "Adprize" adverts, which are in addition to the regular ads.  You can view three of these for each regular ad that you click on, and you can win random prizes.  Most Adprize adverts don't pay anything, but you do sometimes get a prize ranging from a small small amount of cash up to a free upgrade to Gold membership - so that can be worth doing, but only if you have the time.  If you click on the "Offers" tab, you also have the chance to complete Mini Jobs for small amounts of cash - and every little helps you get you closer to your first goal.

Your First Referrals

The key to making real money in PTCs is to get some referrals - as many as possible.  Every time one of your referrals clicks on an advert, Neobux will pay you a bit extra.  Not much per click, but every little helps - and the more referrals you have, the more money you will make.  Trust me on this, once you've got a few referrals you'll be making much more from their clicks than from your own.  You still have to click on a few ads per day though, to qualify for referral earnings.

There are two ways to get referrals in Neobux:

Getting Direct Referrals

When you join Neobux, you will get your own unique referral link code which will enable you to advertise for referrals using text hyperlinks or banners like this:

There are many ways you can promote your referral link.  You can use social networking sites like Facebook, use a YouTube video to promote the link, post it on relevant online forums, email it to your friends etc.

One way I recommend is to promote it via traffic exchanges.  A traffic exchange is a website that people use to drive traffic to their websites - you surf their sites and in return they surf yours.  A traffic exchange that I recommend is the popular EasyHits4U:

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Apart from using it to promote your referral link, another advantage of EasyHits4U is that it awards cash bonuses (payable via PayPal) if you surf enough sites.  It takes a while to do this, but you can then re-invest the earnings by renting referrals in Neobux.

Renting Referrals

An easier way to get referrals is to rent them.  Not everyone joins Neobux via referral links - such "unattached" members can be rented as referrals from Neobux.  This costs 20 cents per referral per month, but you can reasonably expect to make at least 30 cents per month from each active referral - making a 50% monthly profit per referral.  You rent referrals in packs, and the smallest pack you can rent is a pack of 3, which will cost you 60 cents.  You should therefore rent your first pack of referrals as soon as you've earned your first 60 cents.  This will be the first step towards multiplying your earnings.  You should continue to click every day and rent more referrals - as many as you can afford - every week.  You'll find that your weekly earnings are enough to rent at least 3 referrals a week, and as you get more referrals - and therefore accelerate your earnings - you'll find that you're able to rent larger packs.

Keep An Eye On Your Rented Referrals' Activity

Your referrals are no use to you if they don't keep up a certain level of activity.  In order to pay for their own rental, you need them to click an average of !.333 times a day.  Obviously the more they click the better, but 1.333 is the magic number you should bear in mind when deciding whether to keep them or not.  If a rented referral is inactive, or not clicking enough to be worth keeping, you can recycle them for 7 cents - this means swapping them for another random rented referral.  I do this if a referral has been inactive for a few days.

Rent As Many Referrals As You Can

The more referrals you have, the more money you'll make.  As a Standard member, you can rent up to 300 referrals, so this should be your short-term goal.  By re-investing your profits and renting more referrals every week, you should reach this goal in a few months.  If you want to speed up the process, you can invest your own money in Neobux.  I prefer to boot-strap - I don't put money in that I've worked for.  There is one exception, and that is that I'm happy to invest money that I've earned for free on the various money-making sites that I'm a member of.  These include:

Search & Win

Swagbucks is a site that allows you to make easy money by using their search engine among other things.  It's quite easy to earn at least $5 a month, and that's enough to rent 25 Neobux referrals.  I count Swagbucks as one of the best GPT (Get Paid To) sites around.  I've been using it for years.

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

The traffic exchange site I told you about earlier.  You have to surf a lot of sites to qualify for the $3 minimum cashout, but once you do you might as well use it to rent 15 Neobux referrals.

Clixsense is another excellent PTC website with a good reputation.  Its only disadvantage compared to Neobux is that you can't rent referrals - so using your earnings from Clixsense to rent referrals in Neobux makes a lot of sense.

Don't Let Your Referrals Expire

If a referral is active, you don't want to let him expire.  If you've got the money in your account, you can pay to renew them for various lengths of time at a discount - the longer you renew them for the greater the discount you'll get.  Personally I think you're generally better off switching Autopay on, at least in the early days.  With Autopay on, every day that a referral clicks will automatically add a day to it's remaining time - the charge for this is roughly the same as you earn from a single referral click, so as long as they're active they'll pay for their own renewals.  It will also save you money, because the cost of automatically renewing every day via Autopay is slightly less than the cost of manually renewing a referral for a month.

Upgrade When You Can

There are different levels of membership in Neobux.  You start as a Standard Member for free, and the next goal - once you've reached your limit of 300 rented referrals - should be to upgrade to Golden Membership.  If you've got to the point where you're making at least a dollar a day, you'll be tempted to cash out - don't give in to temptation, save up for that upgrade.  Upgrading to Golden Membership for a year costs $90 - less if there's a special promotion on at the time - and that sounds a lot, but it massively increases your earning potential, so it's actually an excellent investment.  There are three major advantages to Golden Membership.

The most immediate advantage is that you earn twice as much from your referrals' clicks.  So without doing anything else, that will double your daily earnings immediately, and you'll make the $90 upgrade fee back in roughly 6 weeks - after that, it's pure profit, making about $60 a month.  And that's assuming you don't do anything else.

Another big advantage is that the limit on how many referrals you can rent goes up from 300 to 2000 - interesting, yes?  And with the increased revenue from your existing referrals, you'll be able to rent bigger referral packs, giving you a chance to reach that limit in a relatively short space of time.  At this point you'll be well on the road to making real money.  Incidentally, there are even higher level upgrades you can aspire to, culminating in Ultimate Membership, with a rented referral limit of 4000.

The third advantage to Golden Membership is that you'll be renting better quality referrals than as a Standard Member.  All rented referrals are filtered by the system to eliminate the inactive ones, but the Golden Membership and above levels have better filters and therefore tend to rent more active referrals.


So that's the basic strategy.  No doubt you'll figure out your own little tweaks and improvements as you start to make progress in Neobux, but this plan will set you on the road to success.  It may be slow at first, but as sure as night follows day, you'll make money - with very little effort.

To summarise:

Click on as many adverts as you can.

Promote your referral link as much as you can.

Rent as many referrals as you can, every week.

Recycle the bad referrals.

When you've reached your rented referral limit, save up and upgrade.

Carry on with this plan, be active every single day without fail, no slacking.

Do not be tempted to cash out until you have reached the goal you've set yourself.

That's it - the rest is up to you.  Sign up right now and get clicking.  Good luck!